The ADM (Agenzia Dogane Monopoli, formerly AAMS) in Italy applies a blackout on all betting sites that do not pay its license. For what reason ?
With the simple excuse of protecting Italian players, because these sites (from their point of view) would not be regular. Too bad that these foreign sites, all have a regular European license, therefore, valid throughout Europe (including Italy) and therefore legally this is a real extortion …
This behavior, of obscuring uncomfortable sites and/or political opponents, is absolutely normal in countries like the People’s Republic of China, North Korea, Turkey… and as you see Italy.
What do these nations have in common ? They are all dictatorships!

If you think I am exaggerating… I would point out that in Italy the government is illegitimate, because it is based only on the absurd privileges of corrupt parliamentarians and a President at the Quirinale who is absolutely indifferent to any violation of the constitution.
All the institutions, including the judiciary, are continually shocked by unworthy scandals in a civil and democratic nation, without anyone lifting a finger. The people, who according to the constitution should be sovereign, are vilified, humiliated and subjected to all sorts of anguish without anything and none of the institutions doing anything to give them the right to vote in free elections.
Italy has been subject to the “State of emergency” without being provided for by the constitution (it is valid only in case of war) since December 30, 2020… and the government would like to maintain it until 2021!
Continuing to trample the constitution!
What is this if not dictatorship?
The government sets up commissions and committees to censor any dissent especially on the web and social media…
Isn’t that enough? What do you want them to do worse?


In reality the ADM (ex AAMS) speech is just a matter of monopoly that goes against all the European regulations in force, and that costs every year to the Customs Monopolies Agency, very heavy fines from the European Union, because it violates the directive N.2000… /31/EC on the free trade of goods and services between member states (that the blackout of the ADM is illegal, this is also confirmed by several rulings of the Supreme Court; but of course no one tells you these things, either the ADM or former AAMS, uses the money of Italian players to pay the fines it receives …).

The blackout of online betting sites is a measure that affects all Italian and European internet service providers and, of course, those who use it, the Italians themselves.

Providers (Tim, Fastweb, Libero, Tiscali etc.) are forced to inhibit connections between users’ computers and the servers of foreign betting sites, so that the user who wants to bet, play or simply inquire about the odds, instead of being able to browse the site of his interest, will be automatically diverted to a web page of the ADM (formerly AAMS), which will present the following notice:

“WARNING – SITE NOT ACHIEVED”, together with a strict notice that says, in essence, that the site you are trying to visit, does not have the necessary authorization (according to their point of view completely monopolistic) to operate in Italy in the field of online gambling.

So the ADM (formerly AAMS) automatically hijacks and forces users who wanted to surf a foreign betting site, to surf its own site, imposing the exclusive right to gambling, instead of giving the user the possibility to surf freely where he wants (behaving exactly like a totalitarian regime, exactly as happens to Chinese or Turkish citizens).

How to avoid the AAMS blockade (ADM)

I present you with a simple guide to get around the dimming imposed by the AAMS (ADM).

Here is the exact procedure to avoid the AAMS blockade (ADM), and be free to browse, click and visit all the sites related to the game, as you like.

1) Follow this link and download the DNS Jumper 2.0 program

2) Once the program is started, a window like the one you see above will open. At this point, set “Select a Network Card” to “- All Network Cards”, and “Select a DNS Server” to “1. US – Google Public DNS”, done this, all you have to do is click on the “Apply DNS” button, and you’re done !

From now on, on your PC, all the sites will be reachable, without any AAMS (ADM) block. DNS Jmper 2.0 is valid for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 10 operating systems, both 32 and 64 Bit.

In addition to acting on the DNS of the PC connection to avoid the AAMS block, you can use a VPN, which is a more advanced and definitive system for access to blocked sites. In this article, you will find an explanation of how to use a VPN in the world of online gaming.



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