Hello everyone, today I want to talk to you about BTC , and how to familiarize yourself with their practical and real use. In many previous articles I have shown you how to manage them by means of the various types of wallets, those who don’t know the subject yet can find all the info in the following articles:

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Don’t go out: kill time with online trading Bitcoin & Cryptovalute

When we finally understand what crypto-currencies are and how they work – how you can hold them in a wallet and of course trade and convert – we will inevitably be tickled to try and do some trading.

And at this point there are inevitable doubts arising from urban legends that proliferate on the web and in the opinion of those who talk about Bitcoin without knowing what they are talking about…

1)  “trading Cryptomonete is extremely complicated and only Gurus can access it! ” …

the three items above disprove this popular belief especially the 3rd.

2) “…crypto trading takes huge capital, you need to be as rich as Uncle Scroogeard…”

Other urban legend: you can trade BTC from 0.0001 Bitcoin units.
and the screenshot you see below confirms it…

Explain how you can get to 0.0001 BTC

($1 at current exchange rate is equivalent to about 0.0001 BTC # 1 BTC = $10,500 approx)

Subscribe first: onehash.com

From some Nations/Countries you can be inhibited and an error message may prevent you from accessing the site…  don’t worry, just use a VPN … for those who don’t want to spend there are many free solutions, also Opera browser  for example offers a VPN free.

Once you log in just register OneHash / Sign up

The feature I like best about onehash.com is that requires sonly an email.

(also accepts ProtonMail which also provides a free VPN)

to start aiming just do the following 2 steps: add BTC to the game account; & open the crypto page (left arrow)……

before proceeding to top up BTC in your account you will be asked (only the first time) to provide a BTC recovery address, this of course for security in case you should be refunded for any reason.

As soon as you save the refund address you will be created an address to which you will route the BTCs.

All you have to do is copy-paste!

You can create it on your wallet both on PC and mobile device (Android iOS) , provide that of Wirex Visa card or similar currency managers… I prefer Electrum which is free, you can install it yourself simply on your PC or mobile device… and finally you can also buy a dedicated hardware device…

In my opinion and experience, Electrum is one of the best and is very easy to learn because it is essential (no frills or unnecessary complications). If you want to keep a lot of money use two different Electrum installations: one frequently used on a commonly used device with limited amounts of money and one on an old PC or an external HD to be networked only for the strict time needed to send and receive (always and strictly under the protection of a good VPN to prevent intrusion Trojan and/or hacker).

If you store the seed properly even if your computer is stolen or your house burns down you can rebuild Electrum in a few seconds and recover all your BTC and/or other coins in it.    The story of the “idiot” who lost his wallet and asks Google for help is an urban legend… obviously if you lose the “seed” then you are the idiots!   Hide it in two different places: at your grandmother’s house as well as at home, you never know that your house will really catch fire, three words per hiding place so you can sleep peacefully. If you lose your memory with age… it means that your grandchildren will have fun with “grandfather’s “treasure hunt”.

Jokes apart:.

you have a thousand possibilities to manage Cryptovalues and all quite secure for small figures.

They will be safer than in a traditional bank!
(Banca Popolare di Vicenza & Monte dei Paschi teach!)

the transfer time required varies according to the number of operations in progress

end how much you pay miners commission

Generally you expect a few tens of minutes, but: at peak times

– at minimum fees(mining fees) you can wait a few hours


now  you can aim by entering the page>MARKETS; Cryptocurrencies.

you have two modes of  view (set to the right) this is the bottom:  list mode…..

You can see and analyse the reference graph which is this one of :


click on your bet by selecting the amount you want to play:

the minimum is 0.0001 BTC.

you can keep an eye on the operation by clicking on the top right of your account name:

the notification panel appears

other useful function is the panel betting history

the graph betting history at expiry time 23.00 UTC … Waiting for score

UTC means Universal Time Coordinated which in Italian we translate as Universal Time Coordinated and is the time that the whole world uses as a reference. It is used because in international communications, in order to understand a time zone and solve time zone problems, reference is made to this standard and taking as a reference the time of the zero meridian, that is the Greenwich Meridian GMT (Greenwich Meridian Time), which for a long time now has not been called GMT but UTC.

We are in summer time.
Let’s take an example, if the UTC time you find indicated: is 23.00 UTC then in Italy the 24. 00 if you are in the calendar time period (end of October to end of March approx., depending on the year).

If you are: at daylight saving time (from about the end of March to the end of October, depending on the year) then will be the 01.00

 staring to playing at 23.00 we have two hours of difference and so we have to wait…

up to 1.00

1 hour and 20 minutes to go and grafical indicates 10,674

the waiting is spasmodic: it’s the first my play !!

we’re uphill… unless there’s a sudden backhand? … I’m waiting to know the result!


Waiting for score…

In the meantime I wanted to do another bet … but the next one is in 40 minutes…

the grafical updates every 10 minutes … the bets are suspended 2 hours earlier

By my opinion it is not prudent to bet on the long term…

I prefer to point the last 9 minutes and then follow it if necessary for the two hours of waiting on the graph…

anyway, it’s a matter of luck.

We are waiting for the official confirmation… I will find it tomorrow morning…

I see that at 21.00 UTC (two hours before my bet)

they have settled a win of 10548. 69 USD (practically 1 BTC).

I aimed at 22.45 (Italian)… we had fallen to 10,477 luckily we are now on our way up.

20 mins to go and he indicates 10,570 … so I should have won !!
unless a sudden backhand … I’m waiting to see the proceeds! Waiting for score

I waited anxiously until after 1.00 …. in “Waiting for score”! …

Here is the outcome of my bet !!

we missed a hair to lose!

but in the end I go to sleep happy… with 0.00005438 BTC more !

A fond greeting to all….

If you want more information on how to react to the fiscal dictatorship read this article:


Greetings to all and see you next article…

For those who do not know and/or are not familiar with BTC and Crypto-currency I recommend the following articles, which illustrate how you can practically use these new technologies in simple and common everyday activities, (get them, manage them, spend them even with debit card, exchange them and/or convert them in all traditional currencies):


If you want to know more continue reading these articles that teach you how to use Bitcoins read some of my latest articles on cryptocurrency and Bitcoins:

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Bitcoin play anonymously on the Betmaster online betting platform – no AAMS / ADM – (without fees).


Click here to try 1xbit.com … immediately a 100% welcome voucher

Enjoy the game…

If you want to find more info: in these two articles is clearly explained in a very simple way how to use Bitcoins…

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Greetings to all and goodbye to the next article…

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